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Firehall Remediation (Approx. 1.5 hours)

The Firehall Remediation was a project that our Special Projects and Structural groups teamed up on. It involved the complete retrofit and upgrade of a 100-year-old firehall that was in dire need of a refresh. What made this project unique was that a previous construction project had started to take place but was never completed. So, when we walked on site, we were not working with a clean slate - in fact we were working with a half-completed renovation with many outstanding issues.


Typical of working with a 100-year-old building, there were no as-built drawings to reference. Therefore, our first task was to get on site and measure the size and span of every structural member in the firehall. We did eventually come across the drawing set that had been developed from the previous construction project, but we only used those documents as a reference.

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“If you are taking responsibility for the future condition of a structure, make sure you fully understand its existing condition, and what you can do to repair it if necessary.”


— Stephen Cohos

This is an important lesson when it comes to working with existing buildings and drawing packages you are unfamiliar with: never assume the information is 100% correct.

The last person to touch a structural element is often the one who is responsible for its future and for the safety of those who interact with it.

This activity will take you onto the job site for the Firehall Remediation as we conducted our as-built condition assessment. Take some time to explore the 3D model linked below in Virtual Tour. Throughout the 2 levels, there are 2 terminology points, 6 information points, and 12 activity points.


Click on the blue tags to read the full descriptions, and use your mouse or arrow keys to view the tagged locations from different angles. In some of the descriptions, photo numbers are referenced for areas that are challenging to see in the model. These photos can be found in the gallery below.

Photo 1_Activity 5 (Large)
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Photo 2_Activity 5 (Large)
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  1. Open the firehall model and click on the white circle indicators on the ground to move around the space. Become familiar with the functionality of the model.

  2. Review the 2 terminology points to learn about the technical terminology used on the job site.

  3. Review the 6 information points for general learning about existing site conditions that were discovered.

  4. Read the 12 activity points. These activity points reference the photos to the left for a closer look at each site condition.

  5. Download and fill out the submission form below with your written answers, referencing the 12 activity points in the model. You are not required to answer all 12 questions, but answer as many as possible to demonstrate your understanding of the conditions as well as your problem-solving skills.

  6. Send the completed submission form together with your full application back to us through the Ready to Apply button on the Applicant Portal.

Good luck and have fun.


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